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Dec 2017 FESAus Technical Meeting

 Registration is closed for this event
"Reservoir Evaluation - Don't look back in anger..... at least not today" by Andrew Buffin, Principal & MD, ResEval Consulting

Was 1982 the "Golden Age" of Petrophysics?

What was Formation Evaluation like 35 years ago?

Was it the same as today, would we do things differently, why and if so what?

If things are different, what drives petrophysical change?

This presentation takes a light hearted journey back to the Otway Basin, the wineries of the Coonawarra and revisits the petrophysical challenges then and today.

About the presenter

Andrew has 35 years' experience in the petroleum industry, primarily in Australia, North Sea, South America, New Zealand and Libya across various types of reservoirs and diverse geological settings.

Andrew is a member of the Fremantle FC, the Labor party and drinks responsibly, usually Pinot Noir, perferably from Otago!

Registration deadline: Friday 8th December 2018

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12th December 2017 12:00 PM   through   1:30 PM
FESAus Member (latebird inc. GST) $ 40.00
Non-Member (latebird inc. GST) $ 50.00
Retiree/Student (latebird inc. GST) $ 20.00