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Other Events (2017)

We list here events of potential interest to the Formation Evaluation community, but that are not organised by FESAus.

Event Name Location & Date

SPE WA Continuing Education Training
Formation Damage and Productivity Enhancement in Oil and Gas Reservoirs

Speaker: SPE Distinguised Lecturer Pavel Bedrikovetsky (U. of Adelaide)
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7 - 8 February 2017
Perth, WA
SPWLA Bangkok
Geomechanics - From Predicting Drilling Risks to Maximizing Assets Recovery
Khun Toh (Kanitthorn), Schlumberger
28th February 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

Integrated Petrophysics for Reservoir Characterisation (IPRC)
Instructor: Mark Deakin, PhD (Petrophysics)


3 - 7 April 2017
Perth, WA
Integrated Petrophysics for Carbonate and Fractured Reservoirs (IPCFR)
Instructor: Mark Deakin, PhD (Petrophysics)
5 - 9 June 2017
Perth, WA
SPWLA 58th Annual Symposium

June 17 - 21 2017
Oklahoma City, USA